Can I Have a Mole Removed Without Scarring? - 1

Can I Have a Mole Removed Without Scarring?

Well the short answer is Yes! It is possible these days in experienced hands to have a skin lesion removed with minimal to no scarring post the procedure, even on your face.
The most important aspect before removing a mole, skin tag or other type of skin lesion removed from your body, is to see a doctor with experience to delineate whether the lesion of concern is benign or suspicious. This process involves a history, examination and the use of a special device called a dermatoscope. This LED magnifying device allows Dr Omarjee to see into the layers of the skin (epidermis and dermis) to evaluate normal and abnormal cells and aids in detecting clues that pave the diagnosis of the skin lesion. If the lesion is deemed benign (“safe”), then a cosmetic friendly treatment can be arranged. This is usually via the Ellman Surgitron Radiofrequency for raised benign moles/lesions, or a specific laser for flat pigmented lesions (such as a Alma IDAS 532nm laser).
If however there is doubt on the diagnosis then a skin biopsy can be undertaken, such as a shave biopsy. If this comes back benign, then the lesion can be removed cosmetically.

The ideal technique for minimal to no scarring is via the use of Radiofrequency or 532nm Laser. There is no downtime post treatment and minimal pain associated with the treatments. In regards to the Radiofrequency removal, the skin will look raw for about 7-10 days in the area of the pre-existing mole and then heal from there. There is no real restrictions post treatment, so hence you can shower normally, exercise normally, but need to avoid makeup on the healing lesions for 2 weeks.

The Radiofrequency technique is very precise and involves high frequency energy (4Mhz) to be converted into heat in the epidermis, without heat diffusion, ensuring minimal trauma to the skin, aiding in the creation of scarless or next to scarless results.

The laser process works by a process called selective photothermolysis. The IDAS 532nm laser is a green emitting laser beam that is preferentially attracted to melanin (the pigment containing molecule in our skin). And causes the pigmented lesion to darken initially for 5-10 days, before exfoliating and lightening. It may take more than one visit to fully lighten the offending flat pigmented lesion. Makeup can be worn the following day post laser treatment.