STORY- Patient 1 is a fit young man with a raised pigmented mole under his eye that bothered him from childhood. It had not changed, other than slowly increased in size over a few years. He seeked Dr Ed for an opinion for removal. After a thorough history and examination, including dermatoscopy, his lesion was deemed benign in nature. Patient 1 underwent Ellman Radiofrequency (under a local anaesthetic to the treated area) and then a course of laser treatment to lighten the area (with appropriate intra-ocular corneal shields).

Pre radiofrequency and laser treatment

A intraocular shield placed in in the right eye (corneal) after topical anaesthetic was applied. And specific laser treatment completed to target brown pigment (similar to tattoo removal). Notice the darkening of the area immediately post-treatment.

12 months post initial radiofrequency and laser treatments

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