A healthy 45-year-old man presented with multiple mild pigmented lesions scattered over various parts of his face and neck that bothered him. The lesions were present for many years but were becoming more noticeable and affecting his self-esteem. After a detailed examination process involving dermatoscopy with Dr Ed Omarjee, the lesions were deemed benign in nature and a treatment plan was created which involved removing the lesions in one session with the Ellman Radiofrequency Surgitron (RF). This device converts radio-waves at 4.5MHz into heat that is very localised, delivered through a unique Ellman tip. This allows precise gentle removal of benign lesions with minimal collateral damage during the removal process, that is painless and bloodless. This enables the treated skin area to heal adequately with minimal scarring, allowing a nice aesthetic result.

The patient initially had local anaesthetic infiltrated into multiple sites associated with the multiple lesions to be removed. The anaesthetic reached its optimal action after 1 minute. The procedure of removal with RF then was started painlessly. This technique, under the experienced hand of Dr Ed, gently shaves (ablates) the superficial (epidermis) layer of skin for each lesion, leaving a small wound.

Once the treatment was completed, an antibiotic cream was applied to the patient’s lesion’s, and some covered with a small dressing. He was allowed to return to work and get on with usual activities of living thereafter (including showering, gym).

The wounds take on average 14 days to form a scab, then continue to heal for another 3-4 months. His results are reflected in the images below.

Example of the use of Dermatoscopy

Dermatoscopy examination of the lesions – (pre-treatment)

Example of Ellman RF Mole/Lesion removal

Before radiofrequency lesion removal

4 months post Ellman Radiofrequency removal (one treatment)

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