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Mole Removal Cost Melbourne

There are several reasons why mole removal is considered. Not all moles need to be removed but they can all be removed, and mole removal prices are often less than you might think.

Why Have Your Moles Removed?

One of the main reasons why mole removal is considered is the risk of cancer. Not all moles become cancerous but moles and lesions that have a higher risk of turning cancerous should be addressed sooner rather than later. Upon examination, Dr Omarjee will be able to tell you whether a mole needs to be biopsied before it is removed.

Moles can also become a general irritation, hooking on clothing or getting scratched when you get dressed or brush your hair.

Finally, moles can also be removed for aesthetic reasons. Moles that are present on the face can distort your profile and become a reason for people to stare during general interactions. Moles that are present on the back or in intimate areas can also become a source of embarrassment, leading to low self-esteem.

Mole Removal Options at The DOC Clinic

Laser Mole
Removal Cost

For flat pigmented spots: From $395 per treatment/visit

*Multiple spots can be treated during a single session.

Laser Mole Removal

Laser mole removal is one of the more popular techniques to address flat benign coloured (pigmented) moles and takes about 15 minutes to complete. Prior to treatment, the area will be cleansed before the laser energy is directed at the cells of each mole. As these cells absorb the light from the laser, it destroys them, all the while keeping the surrounding skin intact. Laser mole removal is completely non-invasive, which means skin damage and infection is kept to a minimum. This particular technique is also best for treating tricky areas such as the face or nose and is ideal for anyone who wants to remove multiple moles at the same time. Most pigmented lesions require more than one treatment, which is spaced 1-2 months apart.

Radiofrequency Mole
Removal Cost

from $395* (for 1st mole/lesion)

Each Additional Mole Removed from $100 each (on the same day)

Radiofrequency Mole Removal

Dr Omarjee uses the Surgitron tool by Ellman to perform the radiofrequency shaving technique on unwanted moles and skin lesions. This particular technique is best suited to moles that protrude above the surface of the skin. Once a local anaesthetic is administered, the device is used to gently shave the mole away painlessly, layer by layer, until the skin is smooth and blemish-free. As the device moves over the mole, the skin is also cauterised, which helps minimises bleeding and infection and reduce scarring. Radiofrequency mole removal offers greater control and a more even skin texture upon completion, with the end result to have minimal to no scarring. Dr Ed Omarjee has removed well over 20,000 moles, skin tags, and other lesions over the last 16 years for cosmetic results.

Mole Excisional
Biopsy Cost

From $550*

– Medicare refund usually available
– Price varies depending on complexity

Mole/Skin Lesion Excisional Biopsy

In the event that a mole or skin lesion is thought to be a risk, an excisional biopsy will be performed. Once Dr Omarjee numbs the area, a scalpel will be used to excise the lesion so that it can be sent off for testing. The incision will be made all the way through to the fatty layer of the skin, ensuring the entire lesion is removed – this also means that some of the normal skin will need to be removed at the same time. The skin will then be sutured to prevent infection and promote healing. Patients will be informed of any abnormalities after the mole or lesion has been sent off for testing.