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Fotona4D facelifts are a safe and non-invasive way to restore a more youthful appearance. This revolutionary laser addresses the most common signs of ageing, including wrinkles, volume loss, skin laxity and uneven skin tone and texture. Not only does the system increase and strengthen collagen but the contraction that occurs at a cellular level lifts and tightens the skin too. Fotona laser treatments are applied to the exterior of the face as well as the oral cavity, ensuring patients achieve results both inside and out.

Fotona4D Modes

The unique laser modes of the Fotona system will all be used to rejuvenate the face, with each one having a different effect.

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1. SmoothLiftin – Lifting

During the first stage, laser energy will be applied to the tissues inside the oral cavity, resulting in a lifting effect that improves the appearance of the skin around the chin and mouth.

2. FRAC3– Rejuvenation

To target the superficial as well as the deeper layers of the skin, the fractionated laser mode will be activated. The heat that is generated will stimulate collagen production, address imperfections such as sunspots and improve skin texture.

3. PIANO – Tightening PIANO

mode is used to heat up the deepest layers of the skin, resulting in stronger connective tissue and further remodelling of the skin. It’s during this stage that bulk skin tightening is achieved.

4.SupErficial – Finishing

The final mode involves using Er:YAG ablation to create a pearl-like finish. Fine lines and wrinkles, as well as pore size, will be minimised during the fourth stage of the Fotona4D facelift.

Fotona4D Treatment Process

Before treatment can commence, concerns, expectations and treatment options need to be discussed with a clinician.

The Fotona4D facelift generally takes about an hour to complete but depending on what you want to achieve, at least three sessions spaced two to three weeks apart will be required. Patients tend to notice an immediate improvement in the appearance of their skin, with results gradually building after every session for six months. After about nine months to a year, the usual ageing process will continue, which is when follow-up sessions will be required.

Fotona4D facelifts are ideal for patients who want to maintain the results of their surgical facelift, would prefer not to undergo surgery or do not wish to use cosmetic injections.

Fotona4D Recovery

No downtime is required after a Fotona non-surgical facelift and patients are free to return to their usual daily activities directly after treatment. Some mild swelling and redness will be present for a day or two, so you may choose to spend more time at home while this subsides.

You can read more about the Fotona4D here

Fotona4D FAQs

Are Fotona facelifts painful?

Patients can expect to feel a warm as well as a mild pinching sensation during their 4D facelift but the procedure is not painful and won’t require an anaesthetic.

Will my skin peel after my facelift?

Yes, patients should expect some mild peeling to occur due to the SupErficial mode that is used during treatment.

Will I be able to wear makeup after my facelift?

Patients should wait at least 24 hours before they apply any makeup.

Is it possible to combine this procedure with cosmetic injections?

It is possible but it’s recommended that patients schedule their 4D facelift two weeks after their last injection.

Fotona Treatments

The following treatments can be performed using this advanced laser technology:

Before any Fotona laser treatments are performed, a detailed consultation and examination process with Dr Omarjee will be required.

During your consultation, your unique concerns as well as your medical history will be reviewed to determine whether you’re an ideal candidate for this treatment.

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