IntimaLase treatments address vaginal relaxation syndrome and other menopause-related concerns using the Fotona Dynamis system.

Vaginal relaxation syndrome refers to the changes that occur when the vaginal canal is stretched during childbirth or over time with age.

This non-invasive procedure uses Er:YAG laser wavelengths to create a photothermal tightening effect that strengthens the structures within the vaginal canal. Clinical studies have proven that IntimaLase treatments are both a safe and effective solution for several intimate concerns such as this.

IntimaLase Treatment Process

Once Dr Omarjee determines that you would benefit from IntimaLase treatments, the process is quick and comfortable.

During treatment, the Fotona Dynamis system is set to Smooth mode, which uses Er:YAG wavelengths to stimulate collagen production within the vaginal canal. As new collagen fibres form, the vaginal mucosa tissue becomes stronger, causing the canal to tighten.

The average IntimaLase procedure takes about 20 minutes to complete, with the experience being very similar to that of a pap smear. Patients will require two to three sessions spaced a month apart to achieve the desired outcome.

No anaesthetic is required prior to IntimaLase treatments and patients are free to return to their normal routine directly after their session.

IntimaLase Recovery

Patients will not require any medication to experience the benefits of IntimaLase treatments but because the tissues within the vaginal canal are gradually strengthened and remodelled, the final results of the treatment are only noticeable about four months after the final session.

Patients can expect some mild discomfort or sensitivity after their procedure but this subsides quite rapidly. Sexual activity and strenuous activities should be avoided for at least two weeks after treatment. Use of tampons should also be avoided for a month.

IntimaLase FAQs

What do IntimaLase sessions feel like?

Overall, IntimaLase treatments are very comfortable but many patients report a warming and slight pinching sensation, mainly around the entrance to the vagina. Treatments are not painful though.

Will treatment be possible during menstruation?

No, treatments cannot be carried out if the patient is menstruating.

Are IntimaLase and IncontiLase treatments the same?

No, these treatments are slightly different. While IntimaLase sessions treat the entire circumference of the vaginal canal, IncontiLase treatments only focus on the anterior wall of the vagina. Patients who want to treat incontinence and tighten the walls of the vagina should consider both treatments, which can be performed during one appointment.

Just how effective are IntimaLase treatments?

Studies show that the majority of patients experience at least a 95% improvement in vaginal tightness following an IntimaLase treatment plan.

Fotona Treatments

The following treatments can be performed using this advanced laser technology:

Before any Fotona laser treatments are performed, a detailed consultation and examination process with Dr Omarjee will be required.

During your consultation, your unique concerns as well as your medical history will be reviewed to determine whether you’re an ideal candidate for this treatment.

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