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NightLase treatments use the Fotona laser to gently tighten the tissue at the back of the throat in order to reduce the effects of sleep apnea and decrease snoring.

Snoring occurs when the oral mucosa tissues collapse, something that tends to get worse with age. This non-invasive treatment doesn’t require any wearable devices or medication to achieve results. The Fotona systems reduces snoring by stimulating collagen production in the palate, which tightens the tissues and reduces any vibrations and blockages.

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The Er:YAG wavelength optimises the laser pulses, which allows the energy to safely penetrate the oral cavity, while still emitting enough strength to have the desired effect.

The aim of NightLase treatments is to help patients feel more confident and well-rested.

NightLase Treatment Process

Once it’s determined that the patient will benefit from NightLase treatments, the laser is applied to the tissues surrounding the airway, which has a tightening effect. The average NightLase session lasts about 15 minutes and is completely pain-free.

Depending on how loose or inflamed the tissues are, three separate sessions will be required over the course of six weeks. In most instances, the results will last for up to a year, after which repeat treatments will be required. NightLase treatments are comfortable and one of the best ways to regain a good night’s rest.

NightLase Recovery

Patients are free to return to their usual daily activities directly after their NightLase session since no incisions or anaesthetic will be required.

NightLase FAQs

Are NightLase treatments painful?

Patients can expect to feel a warm sensation once the laser is applied to the tissues around the airway. No anaesthetic is required and patients will be able to decide whether the warming sensation becomes too intense for them.

What are the risks associated with this treatment?

There are no risks associated with this treatment as the heat that is generated by the laser is targeted, controlled and only stimulates collagen production. Some patients have reported having a mildly sore throat after their treatment but over the counter pain medication can be used for relief.

Am I an ideal candidate for NightLase treatments?

If snoring is interfering with your sleep quality and you are at risk of developing sleep apnea, you could benefit from NightLase treatments.

Fotona Treatments

The following treatments can be performed using this advanced laser technology:

Before any Fotona laser treatments are performed, a detailed consultation and examination process with Dr Omarjee will be required.

During your consultation, your unique concerns as well as your medical history will be reviewed to determine whether you’re an ideal candidate for this treatment.

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