Keloid Scar Treatment Case Study - 1

Removal of Self Consciousness was the Goal (not just the scar)

At The DOC Clinic, we take the concept of patient care extremely seriously, from the moment you walk through the doors of our clinic to long after your procedure has taken place. Case in point: 29 year old Susan came into our clinic after experiencing a problem with an ear piercing she’d had done three years prior. She first began experiencing some discomfort in the precise location of the piercing, with a growth eventually forming. This growth grew to the point where Susan became too self-conscious to venture out in public without covering her ears with her hair. The pictures below show the growth at its biggest, prior to treatment provided by Dr Ed Omarjee at The DOC Clinic.

Keloid Scar Treatment Case Study - 2

Time to Take Action

Eventually, Susan decided enough was enough and made the choice to visit Dr Omarjee. Dr Omarjee diagnosed the growth behind her ear as a keloid scar and explained in detail the procedure necessary to remove it. Luckily for Susan, the scar could be treated without the need for surgery. Performed under local anaesthetic, the relatively painless procedure required Dr Omarjee to debulk the scar. Anti-inflammatories were also administered over a number of months to prevent the removed scar from regrowing.

The photo below show the progress of the removal of the scar, one month after the debulking and the administering of anti-inflammatories via injection.

The final photo depict the fading of the residual redness on and behind the ear, restoring it to normal appearance.

Susan can now bare her ears with confidence, allowing her to wear earrings and tie up her hair without feeling self-conscious.

A Doctor that Cares

Throughout the entire process, Dr Ed Omarjee remained committed to helping Susan break free of the self-consciousness that had plagued her, all while ensuring she felt comfortable at every stage. Dr Omarjee endeavours to create an environment where care, consideration and comfort are just as important as his own skills and knowledge.

“what drives our consultation process is to never lose sight of the ultimate goal, of delivering patient 1st outcomes. Explaining the treatment and the steps involved ensures our patients are comfortable at every stage on the road to recovery”

* Results will vary from person to person and with various degrees of efficacy.


Keloid Scar Injectable Treatment , Less than 3 scarsFrom $148

* Prices listed are with valid Medicare card, Medicare will refund up to 6 treatments per 12 month period.

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