Lets Talk Facial wipes - 1

Lets Talk Facial wipes

It has become a practise where people tend to choose the easy face cleansing option …..Facial Wipes

While these may be quick easy and convenient, it was made for emergency use, it is also something to be handled with awareness and care.

My personal advise for cleansing the skin….is as follows

Take your cleanser and mix it with a teaspoon of water , apply on face and use a facial brush to cleanse the face. Repeat .
Once every other day use an enzyme exfoliant after cleansing.
Wash over the whole forehead temples, eyes cheeks nose chin and neck.


We have 3 big issues if you live in a city

  • Environmental dust and pathogens
  • Makeup , sweat sebum, spf
  • The by-product of skin metabolism, like superficial dead skin which traps the aforementioned

For those who wish to subscribe to the micellar waters and facial wipes. Here are some tips to be aware of.

Read the Ingredients of the wipes you purchase, as they may contain harmful chemical s and ingredients which are used to preserve the wipes
2-Bromo, 2 Nitro pane-1 and 3 diol and formaldehyde.

Whilst the wipes may be easy , these chemical additives are harmful to the skin. Formaldehyde has been well documented for its carcinogen effects.

Tip 1

Choose alcohol free wipes as the alcohol can further dry the skin.
Make sure the wipes are fragrance free so as to protect against dryness and further skin damage.
There are companies that make wipes which are very gentle , and you may use this but wash the wipes first under running warm water and then use them.

Tip 2

  • When to use them ?
  • Occasionally and never three days in a row. This is a must do tip!
  • Why ? They are ineffective in cleansing there skin, skin head to skin toe . Fact!

If you have not taken your make up off for that odd late night , you may use the micellar and wipes. However make sure your cleansing routine in the morning is thorough !

Tip 3

Only use them when you have to , like camping, hiking, some sports.
However make sure you that when you come home you do perform a deep cleanse or book a hydrating facial.

Most importantly we must cleanse with water and not wipes as a rule incorporating the routine I detailed above. Trust me this works.


For increased skin wellness, try and get a facial every 4 to 6 weeks. This is essential to achieve good skin and helps with aging as well.
Its like going to the dentist for a clean-up, as compares to brushing your teeth daily. This Similar thinking applies to skin as well.

There are many good facials around in this day and age.

  • The Carbon Facial or the Hydration facial is a must have every 4 – 8 weeks. Its like a reset for the skin.
  • It removes surface, dust dirt grease and grime and leaves the skin glowing and bright.

Skin regenerates every 28 – 45 days and in this day and age, this process has to be managed with awareness and discipline and treatment compliance.

Here at the Doc clinic, we can make your skin get to its best health. But you need to work with us. One visit skin wonders are not the solution . It’s a journey of skin wellness and we happy to be your partner on that journey.

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