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Revlite Laser Facial Treatment for Anti-Aging and Wrinkle Reduction

RevLite Laser Treatment is perfect for anti-aging and wrinkle reduction. In the blog that follows we answer all your questions about RevLite so you have the necessary information to establish whether RevLite is the anti aging treatment for you. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Keep reading to find out more about RevLite and how it can help you take years off your appearance, or contact The DOC Clinic today to arrange a consultation.

FAQs for Revlite Laser Treatment

How Does Revlite Help With Skin Rejuvenation?

RevLite laser facial treatment uses a Q switch laser with four different wavelengths which, when used on targeted areas, stimulates collagen production and repairs damaged or affected areas of the skin. This process of ‘collagenesis’ is used to help enhance anti-aging by improving skin texture, minimising the appearance of fine lines, and reducing pore size.

How Long Does Revlite Laser Treatment Take?

Depending on the need for wrinkle reduction, as well as the size and numbers of freckles and age and sun spots, treatments usually range from 15 to 45 minutes*.For lasting, visible signs of anti-aging, treatments should occur every 4 weeks for a minimum of 4 treatments.

Is the RevliteLaser Treatment Process Painful?

The Revlite laser emits light in very short flashes of light called pulses. The impact of the energy from the powerful pulse of light is similar to the snap of a thin rubber band. After the treatment, the area will feel similar to slight sunburn, typically within a day or so any discomfort disappears. The area may remain reddened for a few days. After the redness clears, the skin returns to its natural smooth colouring and texture, with signs of wrinkle reduction and anti-aging becoming noticeable over time with the skin producing new collagen for many months after each treatment. There is no downtime- with the treatment so you can return to work the same day.

What is the Cost of Revlite Laser Facial Treatment?

Cost will be determined by Dr Ed or your DOC laser practitioner at the time of our initial consult. Dr. Ed charges $120.00 for all laser consults.
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What Types of Brown Spots or Lesions will the RevliteLaser Remove?

In addition to being used for anti-aging and wrinkle reduction,Revlite can be used for removing:

  • Brown age spots
  • Liver spots
  • Sun spots
  • Photo damage
  • Freckles
  • Hyper pigmentation
  • Lentigo and lentigenes
  • Brown birthmarks
  • Melasma
  • Chloasma

Dr. Ed or a DOC Practitioner will identify your specific type of lesion and discuss the removal success rate associated with it. Dr. Ed Omarjee will also biopsy any suspicious spots to make sure there is no skin cancer if required.

How Many Treatment Sessions* Will It Take to Remove a Lesion?

About 60% to 80% of common freckles and age spots can usually resolve after one treatment. Some need a second treatment, and a few need to be treated more than twice. Some blemishes do not disappear completely, but will be significantly lighter in colour after treatment.

When Dr. Ed or a DOC clinicpractitioner examines your freckles and age spots, they will be able to give you an estimate of the number of treatments which will be necessary to fade or remove them. Because there is a great deal of variability in the size, depth and darkness of frecklesand age spots, and because there is some variability in people’s natural ability to clear away pigment after laser treatment, it is not possible to “promise” you that a certain result will happen after a fixed number of treatments. Dr. Ed will explain what is likely to happen, but we cannot precisely predict or guarantee what will happen in any particular case.

Will the Freckles and Age Spots Disappear Completely?

When you undergo Revlite laser facial treatment, in many cases the freckles and age spots can be made to disappear or fade to the point where you are the only person who can find a trace of them, because you know where to look.

How Does the Revlite Laser Remove Darker Lesions?

Energy from the Revlite laser is absorbed by cells containing excessive concentrations of pigment – and not well absorbed by normal tissue – so the Revlite stimulates your body to eliminate the unwanted excessive colouring while having little or no effect on other tissues or on normal skin colour.

If you take Aspirin or other blood thinners, alcohol or vitamin E during the week prior to your Revlite laser facial, there might be a bit more bruising in the treated area.

Should the treated area havea fresh sun tan or have been treated with self-tanning lotion, it is best to wait a couple of weeks for the tan to fade before having treatment, because the tan will absorb and waste some of the laser energy intended for the lesion. A fresh sun tan (or colour from a recent application of self-tanning lotion) could also absorb enough laser energy to increase the risk of skin irritation or blistering.

Most patients do not require anaesthesia, but ice packs, anaesthetic creams or local anaesthetic can be used if necessary. If there is a large or sensitive area to be treated, a couple of plain Panadols can be taken to raise your pain threshold somewhat before laser treatment.

No other special preparation is needed. The high power of the Revlite allows large diameter, deeply penetrating laser beams to be used, and will help to speed up the resolution of your lesions.

What Will Happen After Revlite Laser Rejuvenation?

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For the first half-hour after laser treatment, the treated area looks pale or white and may swell slightly. The treated area may feel hot (like sunburn) for a while after your laser facial, and it might be red and mildly swollen for a few hours of the same day. Rarely they may be pinpoint bleeding for a few hours, and if this occurs then most likely there will be a bit of superficial bruising.*. Your skin usually returns to normal within 1-2 days*.

Occasionally (depending on the severity of your sun damage) the treated area may remain somewhat pink for two to four weeks and there may be some flaking or peeling during this time. This is a normal process as the body works to eliminate blemishes and provide anti-aging benefits.
There may be some lightening or darkening of the treated for several months after laser treatment. This is usually not very obvious. Protect the treated area from sun exposure until the skin is completely healed and the skin colour has returned to normal.

Gentle cleansing of the skin and sunscreen will help the treated area heal quickly after treatment. Watch for unusual redness, pain, or swelling which might be a sign of infection, and please call us right away if you think an infection is developing. Avoid picking at or irritating the skin after treatment.

Are There Any RevliteLaser Side Effects?

In most cases, laser rejuvenation of your skin leads to noticeable anti-aging and wrinkle reduction benefits without significant side effects. The most common problem is incomplete removal of brown spots or pigmented nevi. Some spots are relatively resistant, although there is almost always a worthwhile amount of improvement.

Whether you’re undergoing treatment for anti-aging measures such as wrinkle reduction or age spot removal, you’ll find that scarring is very rare. Infection is also very rare and is usually prevented or treated by using antibiotic creams like Bactroban. You can reduce the chance of irregular tanning – and reduce the chance that the freckles and age spots will come back — by protecting the treated area from sun exposure. Hypo pigmentation (lightening of the skin) or hyper pigmentation (darkening of the skin) are quite infrequent, and are almost always temporary.

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Whilst using various protective creams and staying out of the sun can reduce premature ageing or damage to the skin, when you need to revitalise and rejuvenate your appearance, a Revlite laser facial treatment can help. To enquire about wrinkle reduction, or any of our other anti-aging treatments, get in touch with us today.