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Keloid Scar Removal Cost

Keloid Scar Injectable Treatment

Less than 3 Keloid scars from $220*

Greater than 3 Keloid scars from $370*

Large Keloid scars #

NB: * Prices listed will attract a Medicare refund (with a valid Medicare card)

# Large keloid scars that require surgical removal will be individually priced in consultation.

Scar Treatment Prices at The DOC Clinic – Keloid Scar Removal & More

At The DOC Clinic, we’re proud to offer affordable everyday prices for our scar treatments so you won’t have to hunt around for a special deal. Our keloid scar removal and acne scar treatment costs are kept low to ensure more people have access to safe and effective treatment. Consult the pricelist on this page to discover our low prices for subcision, fraxel laser, medical skin needling and more.

Is a Medicare Rebate Available?

While a rebate isn’t available for our acne scar treatment options, keloid scar removal treatment does have a Medicare rebate. This rebate is only available for those who hold a valid Medicare card.

To learn more about our scar treatment prices and determine your suitability, arrange a consultation at our clinic in Hoppers Crossing.