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Tattoos and You: How the RevLite Laser Can Refresh Your Skin

Contrary to popular belief, tattoos are not always made to last. Thanks to innovations in technology, many laser treatments are available that have proven effective at removing unwanted body art. If you are still sporting a tattoo that you are ashamed of, you may have considered receiving laser treatment at The DOC Clinic, and although a consultation in our office would work best to show you how the removal process works, we have provided some insight into the tool we use to help you regain ink-free skin — the RevLite Q-Switched laser.

What Happens During Treatment with RevLite?

Most skin-care lasers work by applying energy to areas of the body in order to rejuvenate the skin. The RevLite laser works to remove tattoos similarly by transmitting short pulses of energy that break up the ink in the tattoo. The short pulses are necessary in order to protect your healthy skin, but enough energy is directed at the tattoo to help the colour fade over time.

It is helpful to think of the tattoo removal process in a similar fashion as receiving a tattoo. When ink is applied to the skin, it is delivered in fast bursts that penetrate below the skin’s surface. Removing a tattoo uses the same mechanism, only with wavelengths of light instead of ink. The destroyed ink is absorbed by the skin and filtered through the body’s immune system.

How Fast is the Tattoo Removal Process with RevLite?

The RevLite laser is one of the most efficient tools when it comes to removing unwanted tattoos, however the amount of time it takes to destroy the ink in the skin will depend on the size of the tattoo as well as the ink that was used. Each wavelength on the RevLite laser works to treat different ink colours, though some colours (like greens, blues and purples) are more difficult to remove.

The laser can work on both professional and amateur tattoos, which both vary in the time needed to remove them. A tattoo removal procedure can take anywhere from eight to fifteen sessions*, and the best way to determine how long your procedure will take is to arrange a consultation.

Is the RevLite Laser Painful?

As with many laser treatments, the application of energy may cause some pain, however your doctor will use a cooling device called the Cryo 6 – 30°C Cold Air Skin Cooling System to alleviate any discomfort specifically associated with laser or dermatological treatment. Once the treatment session is over, you should apply another soothing agent to aid in the healing process.

Although some scabbing and blistering is normal after treatment, using the RevLite laser for tattoo removal is the safest way to achieve ink free skin. If you follow your doctor’s care instructions, you should gain back your healthy-looking skin with minimal complications.

Once you have completed all of your treatment sessions*, you can enjoy the relief of having skin without any tattoos you no longer want. You may even decide to get another, more attractive tattoo to replace the old one. If you would like more information about tattoo removal using RevLite at The DOC Clinic or to schedule a consultation for a removal procedure, call us on (03) 9021 6022.