Age Spots / Freckles

The DOC Clinic in Melbourne offers treatment options that aim to reduce the visible signs of age spots and freckles, particularly in the areas where you don’t want them the most. Led by the highly experienced Dr Omarjee with a team of nurses and additional support staff, The DOC Clinic can provide non-invasive laser therapy treatments including Revlite, IDAS 532nm Laser, Limelight and Fraxel procedures. These laser treatments for age spots are an alternative to traditional treatments such as cryosurgery and chemical peels.

How Do Age Spots Form?

Occurring when the top surface layer of skin expands with more pigment, lentigines, lentigos and liver spots (other names for age spots) may occur individually or create a small cluster.

How Does The Doc Clinic Treat Age Spots?

Revlite technology can be applied to skin discolorations, such as age spots, to help breakdown melanin deposits. This is designed to promote the growth of collagen underneath the skin.

What Is Revlite?

Revlite is a non-invasive form of laser therapy known as a Photo Acoustic Therapy Pulse (PTP). PTP differs to traditional laser therapies as the laser frequency forces target energy at such an intense frequency that the molecules vibrate and shatter. This ‘shattering’ reaction forces the pieces up and out of the skin pores. The pores may then shrink back, cleanly, non-pigmented, to their original size.

What Happens In A Revlite Treatment?

Treatment times with Revlite depend upon the amount of sunspots and the darkness of those sunspots. Treatments can range from 15 – 45 minutes*. The sensation of a Revlite treatment is likened to the snap of a thin rubber band as the impact of the light energy targets the skin. In areas of highly targeted treatment, there may be some slight bleeding for a short time and potentially some bruising.

After Revlite Effects?

After effects may include a slight sunburnt sensation which should dissipate after a few days*. Redness may last for two to four week*s* and some flaking may occur. Your skin will likely be sensitive, so exposure to the sun is not advised. Your skin should be protected with high SPF sunscreen, during and following recovery to maximise the longevity of the results.

Please note that Some stubborn age spots may never be completely removed, and Revlite does not prevent new age spots from forming.

What Is Limelight?

Limelight is an all in one, non-invasive, facial procedure. This intense pulse light (IPL) treatment is designed to minimise the effects of sun damage and unwanted skin pigmentation.

How Does Limelight Work?

This laser technology is capable of treating all skin tones, and is used for issues like redness, sun spots, large pores and tiny veins. Limelight can also be used on lighter brown sun spots as well as red and brown skin discolouration.

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What Happens During Treatment?

During a treatment session* the Limelight heats vessels or pigmented areas to elicit a targeted response. By combining three distinct light based devices into one, the Limelight is able to have a large laser wavelength range. This range can then cater for red (haemoglobin) and brown (melanin) absorption.

At your consultation, you will be provided with an experienced assessment relating to the potential number of treatments required. This will be dependent on the extent of damaged skin and your desired skin rejuvenation goals.

Is Limelight Painful?

It is relatively pain-free. As the light pulse is administered, you may feel a mild pinching or sensation like a sting. You can discuss numbing options if you think they may be required.

What To Expect After?

You may experience some swelling and redness which may last for 1 – 2 days*. As with any skin rejuvenation procedure, the application of a high SPF sunscreen is fundamental to the longevity of the success of the procedure.


Fraxel is a laser treatment that uses columns of microscopic laser to penetrate deep into the skin and help speed up the collagen remodelling process. Fraxel, so named for its fractional treatment of the skin, is used to treat the targeted area and leave the surrounding tissue untreated. This procedure can be used for age spots, sunspots, freckles and damage from sun exposure.
Fraxel is a precise technology and can be safely used on the neck, chest, hands and face – areas which show the signs of over exposure to the sun.

During Fraxel Treatment

During a Fraxel treatment, your skin will be cleansed and then a topical anaesthetic applied. During the procedure, the Fraxel may cause a prickling sensation. Cold air is used to manage your discomfort during the treatment.


The DOC Clinic is a private specialist clinic. Fees charged are in line with AMA recommended rates for specialist consultations. The fee may vary according to the service provided to you on the day you are seen. We require full payment on the day of consultation, and accept cash, EFTPOS, Visa and MasterCard.

Some consultations and/or treatments with medical associations may attract a Medicare rebate. If so, we will provide a receipt with the relevant Medicare item number. With this receipt, you can visit your local Medicare/Centrelink office, or download the Medicare app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store, then follow the instructions for claiming a Medicare eligible consult, service or treatment. The DOC Clinic DOES NOT process Medicare claims at the clinic.

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A Medicare rebate may apply for age spots/freckles consultations, as they involve a medical skin assessment, but not to the treatment itself.

What To Expect After Treatment

After the treatment, you may feel as though you are sunburnt, but this resides. Your skin may appear pink or red and potentially swollen. You are permitted to wear make up to cover the redness. Just like sunburned skin, your skin will peel, flake and exfoliate. Moisturiser can assist with the appearance of dry flakes.

Dr Ed Omarjee will determine the most effective treatment plan for your skin. The time frame and number of treatments will be structured to maximise the production of collagen and elastin.
For a day by day photo album of fraxel treatment, Please click here

* Results will vary from person to person and with various degrees of efficacy.