Non Invasive Face Slimming

Now a common procedure in Asia and fast growing in stature throughout Australia face slimming uses anti-wrinkle injections into the Masseter Muscle to reduce its size, helping to give the face a slimmer profile. The Masseter Muscle is located in the jaw area and is one of the four muscles responsible for our ability to chew. Dr Omarjee at The DOC Clinic offers this non-invasive, non surgical square jaw reduction procedure. which doesn’t involve any actual surgery or reduction of fat.

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How Does This Square Jaw Reduction Procedure Work?

People who suffer from a condition called Bruxism typically experience involuntary grinding of their teeth, particularly at night. By having Dr Omarjee administer facial slimming injections of an anti-wrinkle formula into the Masseter Muscle, you may experience reduced symptoms of Bruxism, which then can lead to a reversal in the swelling of the jaw as well. The aim of this square jaw reduction procedure is to create a thinner, more symmetrical looking facial structure with a reduction in the unbalanced look of the skin and tissues beneath.

It should also be noted that this non-invasive face slimming procedure may also be effective for people who suffer from neck skin laxity, grinding of the teeth, and migraines.

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Experience facial slimming in Melbourne the non-surgical way with square jaw reduction at The DOC Clinic. The procedure helps to smooth out the contours of the face and enables a more feminine, shapely look. To book an initial consultation with Dr Omarjee, give us a call on (03) 9021 6022 or email our office at We’re based in Hoppers Crossing, close to neighbouring areas like Point Cook and Werribee.