Factor 4 Treatment

Factor 4 Treatment

By the time you reach your mid-20s, your collagen production begins to slow down quite significantly. As your skin starts becoming less elastic, fine lines and wrinkles start to form, volume is lost and the skin begins to sag.

The collagen and elastin that is produced by your body is what gives you that youthful and vibrant appearance and while there are countless products on the market that can hydrate the skin, these products aren’t able to increase the body’s collagen levels.

Factor 4 is a revolutionary new anti-ageing treatment that takes platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and skin rejuvenation to the next level, leaving you with a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. Not only can Factor 4 treatment slow down the ageing process, but it can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions too, including dehydrated skin, acne scarring, fine wrinkles and for skin ulcers.

Factor 4 is one of the most natural ways to plump up the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production. All that’s required is a few small vials of your blood, which will be placed in specially-designed tubes where it will be left to incubate. This growth factor-enriched blood is what will be used to smooth out lines and wrinkles and replenish your skin.

Revive and Rejuvenate Your Skin

Factor 4 was designed to use the natural growth factors in your blood to improve the tone, texture and hydration levels of the skin.

Factor 4 can be used to treat the skin on the forehead and around the eyes and mouth. It can also be used to rejuvenate the neck, back of the hands and the décolleté. Basically any area of the face or body that is most prone to lines, wrinkles and age spots.

Your Factor 4 Treatment – What to Expect

Patients will need to schedule a consultation with Dr Omarjee to determine whether Factor 4 is the right treatment for their skin concerns and aesthetic goals.
Prior to your Factor 4 treatment, a blood sample will need to be withdrawn, which is what will be used to harvest the plasma required for your final treatment.

Once your blood has been withdrawn, it will be transferred into special Factor 4 tubes and left to incubate for at least 6 hours. During this incubation period, the blood samples will produce a serum that is abundant in growth factors that will encourage collagen production and promote skin firmness and elasticity. This natural serum also includes anti-inflammatory cells.

Following the incubation period, the tubes will be placed in a centrifuge machine, which will isolate the serum from the rest of the blood matter. The serum will then be extracted and stored for your Factor 4 treatment.

Once your skin has been cleaned and prepped, the serum will be injected into the deep layers of the dermis, with the entire treatment lasting 30 minutes.

Patients can expect to start seeing results a few weeks after their treatment but will require several treatments before the desired result can be achieved. Annual top-up treatments will also be required to maintain your skin’s new youthful appearance.

Are There Any Side Effects

Factor 4 has minimal side effects, mainly because you will be using your own blood for this treatment.

Following your treatment, you will experience some minor swelling and redness for several days. Bruising is also possible in some cases. To reduce the appearance of these side effects, it’s advisable to keep the skin hydrated and to refrain from applying any makeup to the treated areas for at least 12 hours.

While patients are able to return to work after their treatment, it’s best to avoid any strenuous activities for the first 24 hours.

Factor 4 vs. Regen PRP

Regen PRP and Factor 4 treatments are very similar but the patient’s blood is processed in slightly different ways before each treatment.

In both cases, the patient’s blood will be withdrawn and processed using a centrifuge machine but a Factor 4 treatment requires the blood to be incubated for several hours to allow a serum rich in growth factors to fully develop. Factor 4 treatments produce 4x more growth factors than any other blood treatment, leaving patients with dewy, radiant and youthful skin.

The Regen PRP system allows blood harvesting, centrifuge and treatment on same day and usually generates from 5 to 7 ml PRP per Regen blood tube to be injected per treatment. Patients can have as many Regen tubes as they like, which increases the quantity of PRP available on day to be used. The Regen PRP is rich in platelets (the cells that produce growth factors, anti-inflammatory cells) and once injected into the skin continue to produce growth factors at site of injections for several days.

In contrast Factor 4 serum extracted via harvesting blood, incubation and centrifuge is rich in growth factors and has a lower platelet yield. As the preparation of Factor 4 takes 6-8 hours, it requires a morning blood test and the actual 1st treatment is scheduled on another day.
On average each Factor 4 treatment yields on average between 2 to 2.5ml conditioned autologous serum (“Factor 4 serum”) to be used per treatment.

* Results will vary from person to person and with various degrees of efficacy.