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Ever noticed what looks like distinct yellowish growths forming on the face – particularly around the eyelids – and wondered what they might be? While your first thought might be some form of skin tag, the likely diagnosis is that it’s a xanthelasma, which is a sub-type of xanthoma. While not dangerous or harmful, these yellow coloured deposits of cholesterol can be unsightly and distracting, leading many to seek out xanthelasma treatment at a removal clinic. At The DOC Clinic, we can provide effective, non-surgical xanthelasma removal with a simple procedure completed at our premises.

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What is the Cause of Xanthelasma?

As explained above, a xanthelasma is a deposit of cholesterol found under or around the eyelids. While these deposits aren’t harmful, in very rare cases they might be considered an early sign of heart disease. The causes of these growths can include higher levels of bad or good cholesterol in the body, high blood pressure and diabetes, among others.

The people most at risk are:

  • Women
  • People aged 30 to 50
  • People of Asian or Mediterranean descent
  • Smokers
  • Those suffering from obesity
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What is the Treatment for Xanthelasma?

There are numerous ways that xanthelasma removal can take place, from surgical excision through to the use of laser and radio frequency devices. At The DOC Clinic, we prefer not to go down the route of xanthelasma removal surgery, as it can leave behind scarring and be problematic if multiple procedures are required, especially with the limited amount of skin available to work with.

At our cosmetic clinic, we prefer to use non-surgical treatment options where applicable to remove xanthelasma growths, such as ever reliable radiofrequency via the Ellman surgitron which is an extremely effective removal treatment option.

Do Xanthomas Go Away?

Unfortunately with xanthelasmas, or any type of xanthoma, there’s a strong chance of the growth coming back later in life, and not necessarily in the same position. This is one of the key reasons why we don’t recommend traditional xanthelasma removal surgery. However, by getting the lifestyle factors under control that increase the likelihood of them returning, you can reduce the risk.

If you’d like any more information or you wish to make an appointment for xanthelasma removal, contact The DOC Clinic today.

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Medicare rebates may be available for some xanthelasma consultations and/or treatments. Please contact us to find out more.

* Results will vary from person to person and with various degrees of efficacy.