What’s the new Secret at the Doc clinic ? - 1

What’s the new Secret at the Doc clinic ?

Ever find yourself looking into the mirror and thinking, omg! where did those fine lines come from? or hey! I did not notice that brown spot before.

If you like me and do a casual skin assessment every time you cleanse your face or pass a mirror, then do read on.
Our skin is our best defence against a few things. E.g. too much sun, too much wind, too much snow, to much of the wrong creams, bacterial invasion, environmental pollutants, toxic sprays, airborne pathogens (from the gym), to cite a few.
As you already know skin starts its aging journey from as young as your early twenties. I read an article once and it stated that the aging process starts as soon as we are born!!

Many of the so-called baby boomers had no inclination of the damage they did to their skin with the long hours of sun worshipping they subscribed to in their early years. For them smoking, and sun worshipping for hours on hot beaches was perceived as the desired lifestyle. In the old days most advertising was centred around laying on the beach showing off a wonderfully bronzed tan.
My time in Queensland opened my eyes to a new world of skin. It was the first time in my career that I saw skin that resembled almost a reptilian type skin. People there worked hard from morning to night and from a very young age. Over a period of time this skin becomes thick and leathery with blood vessels sitting high up on the skin. In some cases, the fingers look a bit swollen and disproportionate.

Thankfully in this day and age the pitfalls of marathon sunbathing, and smoking are well recognised and sun protection is now better understood. People today are much better informed, but this poses another problem. There is just too much information out there and if one is looking for a solution to their skin needs, they just start walking up the path of total confusion. Most people that I meet say they just don’t know what marketing and advertising to lean toward, due to information overload. Some get roped into the quick fix solutions and others that are sceptical never inch toward skin wellness.
Bearing all this in mind, I have found a treatment that does wonders for any skin type and is suitable for all skin ages. (minors excluded)!

There is a Secret out there, and it works!!

What’s the magic?

Its what every woman wants, an advanced form of skin rejuvenation therapy.
It uses a combination of fractional radio frequency energy and minimally invasive microneedles.


For those with low pain thresholds, you can have topical anaesthetic to take the edge of it. Don’t let the needles freak you out. The needles are extremely thin and made of gold thereby creating very tiny micro channels in the skin.

How does it work.?

In short, the treatment is delivered using radio frequency which is delivered precisely and directly to the deeper layers of the dermis via minimally invasive needles. The width of the needles resembles the width of two hairs put together.

Why does the secret rf place its needles in the dermis?

This is because collagen and elastin are found here. Collagen fibres are randomly found in the dermis and the elastin fibres are found interspaced amongst the collagen fibres.

The Secret Rf using a stamping action to create a microscopic wound in the dermis. This action stimulates fibroblast activity in the area and significant increase in collagen production is generated.

When our skin is damaged through sun exposure especially in Australia, a protein is damaged in the collagen fibres and it begins to collapse simply speaking. Collagen provides the strength and structure in the dermis and elastin is responsible for allowing the skin the ability to bend and carry out all its flexible moves. The other benefit is that the Rf mildly heats the areas treated at the same time and this causes a tightening in the collagen and elastin fibres.

What does the Secret treat?

It is great for loose skin and wrinkles in face, around the eyes, jowls, neck and décolletage. It also works great for tightening and strengthening both the arms, and hands.

It improves enlarged pores, facial veins, rosacea and flushing as well as pigmentation to a degree.

What results can I expect.?

Collagen production and remodelling occurs about 4 – 6 weeks after treatment and goes on for up to 3 months. Wrinkles become smoother, scars softer. It has also been shown that it can reduce sweat volume to 75 % after 2 sessions in the axilla area.

How many treatments.?

This is client specific but most benefit after 3- 5 sessions. Thereafter it recommended you have it biannually. This is just the recommended guideline.

What can you expect during treatment.?

The treatment is performed using a stamping movement across the face in a grid like fashion. The needles can penetrate to a depth of 3.5 mm and delivers Rf energy in bursts at the exact depth that is needed for your optimal skin wellness.
After the treatment you can feel a bit warm and tingly as if you have a very mild sunburn. The treatment requires no downtime and very occasionally a fine crust or scab may develop in the areas treated. These are not very visible, and you may cover with makeup. The next day your skin can feel a bit dry but using a good moisturiser helps with that. An indulgent mask is used after the stamping and its indulgent, like a champagne for the skin.

At your Doc Clinic visit we provide you with additional information and a detailed skin consultation related to your visit. Feel free to call in.