Why Choose the DOC Clinic?

The DOC Cosmetic & Skin Clinic is a dedicated medical aesthetic and vein clinic in the Western suburbs. We have a highly experienced and skilled team that provides bespoke assessments and treatments in a clean and safe environment. The technology that we use ensures that we can treat all skin types.

We only work with highly qualified and experienced Cosmetic Doctors and staff members. Read more about Dr Omarjee

The DOC Clinic offers cosmetic and medical aesthetic treatments and we are 100% committed to the highest level of care. You will always be in caring, highly skilled hands whether you are receiving cosmetic injectables, undergoing a laser facial or having moles or varicose veins removed.

Rest assured that all your treatments will be overseen by our Medical Director, Dr Ahmed (“Ed”) Omarjee, an experienced Cosmetic Physician and a Fellow of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia.

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At the DOC Clinic, there are no Skype or teleconference consultations. We believe that in order to fully assess concerns and provide safe and effective treatments, a gold standard, face-to-face medical consultation and examination is always required. During a consultation, patients are taken through the nature of the treatment(s) as well as costs, risks and suitability. Only after this rigorous process is completed can a treatment be performed with your consent.

A qualified and experienced Cosmetic Doctor will be on site for your treatments, whether it’s for a medical aesthetic treatment or a simple procedure.

Aftercare is something that is not always considered when planning a cosmetic procedure. However, it is actually a critical part of the treatment process. Our team will ensure you know exactly how to care for the treated area following your appointment.

You can contact Dr Omarjee after hours if you have any concerns following your treatment.
call now 03 9021 6022

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The DOC Clinic strives for medical excellence, safety, honesty and consistency in a clean and nurturing environment. Our holistic approach to cosmetic medicine ensures our patients can achieve their aesthetic goals.

All our staff have been extensively trained on the variety of treatments offered at The DOC Clinic and are very knowledgeable about treatment benefits. Our ongoing investment in staff training also ensures that they can safely administer treatments using the latest technology available at the clinic.

The DOC Clinic will always SMS you two days before your appointment, ensuring you can plan in advance and never miss your scheduled treatment.

We have created a relaxed, clean, and inviting environment in the clinic to ensure you are comfortable prior to your consultation with our Cosmetic Physician.

The DOC Clinic has invested heavily in technology to give our patients the very best experience and results. We have chosen only the best laser and technology brands on the market and continue to invest in this specialised equipment to provide advanced treatments that make you feel and look your best! (Eg. Cutera, Alma, Fraxel Dual, Revlite, Fotona, Healite 2, Zimmer, Dermapen, Ellman, Terason).

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Our skincare products have been carefully chosen to provide well-researched, medical-grade skincare. Our cosmeceuticals have a high level of active ingredients and are free from harmful agents, giving your skin the love it needs to be its best. Before a skincare plan is decided on, a thorough skin analysis will be performed. From there, our Cosmetic Doctor will help you choose the best products from our ranges (eg. Aspect Dr, Cosmodex, DP Dermaceuticals) to treat your specific skin concerns.