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Whether it is superficial or serious, an injury will often lead to some degree of scarring. This scarring might be minimal, from minor cuts and scrapes, or it could be extensive enough to warrant keloid scar removal. Melbourne based Dr Ed Omarjee has treated hundreds of people from across Australia wanting to get rid of scars of varying severity.


Keloid Scar Injectable Treatment , Less than 3 scars - From $148

* Prices listed are with valid Medicare card


The second type of scars are called hypertrophic scars, which form after serious injury or a surgical procedure – sometimes up to a year after the injury is sustained. These scars are usually confined to the area of injury, but can become red, irritated, itchy, and sometimes painful, leading many people to seek out hypertrophic scar removal options.

There are several invasive and non-invasive hypertrophic scar treatment alternatives available, including the regular application of silicone gel sheeting, pressure/compression therapy, topical steroids, and hypertrophic scar removal surgery.


This type of scarring includes serious scars that are likened to benign tumours, in that they form as large protruding scars. It can form as a result of a minor injury, serious injury, or infection, as the immune system sends signals to create large amounts of scar tissue – more than the area needs to heal. This mass of extra scar tissue forms a large bulging area that is covered in thinned, red, sensitive skin. It can often occur after ear piercing, making ear keloid removal a common treatment.

Keloid scarring can also cause ulcerations as the skin thins further. This scarring can extend beyond the original injury and can form spontaneously as well.


The DOC Clinic’s keloid scarring treatment is simple, effective and involves only mild, short-lived discomfort. Treatments involve several visits to the doctor, usually spaced apart by 3-4 week* intervals.

A combination of drugs with anti-inflammatory properties is injected into the scar to reduce the abnormal scar activity and hence shrink the scar tissue to create a flatter appearance.

Dr Ed Omarjee has more than 10 years’ experience performing keloid scar removal in Melbourne and overseas. He can determine the best keloid scar treatment for your needs after your first consultation.


Whether you are seeking back, shoulder, chest or ear keloid removal, it’s important to remember that each abnormal scar is different and will respond uniquely to treatment. The average person will require 2-3 treatments, but it could take more than six treatments depending on the severity and the size of the keloid scar.


There is a Medicare rebate associated with scar treatments involving injections. Call The DOC Clinic to learn more.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on anything from hypertrophic scar treatment to ear keloid removal in Melbourne. You can also arrange for an initial consultation at our clinic in Hoppers Crossing – located close to Werribee and Point Cook. During your consultation, Dr Omarjee will go through your available options and determine the best keloid scar treatment for your needs.

Keloid Scar Injectable Treatment , Less than 3 scars From $148

* Prices listed are with valid Medicare card

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