The Doc Clinic – multiple skin lesion removals via Ellman Radiofrequency (RF)

A 45-year-old man presented to Dr Ed Omarjee with age-related pigmented lesions on his face and neck. These lesions were mildly raised or flat in nature and were not changing to any extent of the last 10 years he had them. He wanted a treatment to remove them and not scar his face to any great extent. He was otherwise well and had no past history of skin cancer.

After a thorough dermatological examination utilizing a Lumio magnifier and Heine Delta Dermatoscope, his lesions were deemed benign in nature. The treatment proposed to the patient was the use of the Ellman Radiofrequency Surgitron to gently remove the lesions under local anaesthetic in one visit.

The procedure involves the administration of a fine needle with local anaesthetic in the areas to be treated. This is a very quick discomfort that ensures the actual procedure is painless.

After the treatment, there is no pain experienced, but when the local anaesthetic wears off (approximately 30-60 minutes later), there may be a mild sensitivity felt at the treated areas, akin to a minor scratch feeling for a short time.

One is able to shower, exercise and basically do all normal activities post-treatment that one was performing pre-treatment.

Example of the use of Dermatoscopy

Example of Ellman RF Mole/Lesion removal

Before Ellman RF treatment

12 months post one treatment of Ellman RF removal

Dr Ed Omarjee has been removing moles and skin lesions since 2004 with various methods (radiofrequency, lasers, traditional excisional biopsy) and has removed well over 20,000 lesions for cosmetic results.

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