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Fotona Laser Treatments

safe, precise and effective,

resulting in tighter, smoother, more even skin

The Fotona aesthetic laser is the result of several decades of research and development. The system is safe, precise and effective, resulting in tighter, smoother, more even skin. Along with rejuvenating the skin at a deep level, the system can also be used to address a number of intimate concerns that would respond to skin tightening.

All-In-One Major Aesthetics Treatment System

Fotona’s laser technology is designed to handle a wide array of aesthetic applications. The system tightens, rejuvenates and remodels the skin using two complementary laser wavelengths. By combining Er:YAG and Nd:YAG wavelengths into a single treatment, results are dramatically improved.

Nd: YAG Wavelength: Treats Deep Underlying Structures

The Nd:YAG wavelength penetrates deep into the underlying structures of the skin, including hair follicles and veins. The energy from the laser heats up these structures to create the desired results. This advanced long-pulse laser increases the speed, safety and efficiency of every treatment, ensuring the epidermis is not affected during treatment.

Er: YAG Wavelength: Treats Superficial Lesions

The Er:YAG wavelength treats the upper layers of the skin, resulting in precise ablation of the epidermis. Once the energy from the laser is absorbed by the water within the skin cells, it has a shrinking effect, resulting in a smoother and tighter appearance. Using this wavelength, clinicians can select different modes of operation, each of which has a different effect. Treatments can either be purely ablative or non-ablative or a combination of the two. This wavelength offers the widest range of possibilities.

Fotona Treatments

The following treatments can be performed using this advanced laser technology:

Before any Fotona laser treatments are performed, a detailed consultation and examination process with Dr Omarjee will be required.

During your consultation, your unique concerns as well as your medical history will be reviewed to determine whether you’re an ideal candidate for this treatment.

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